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Various Services of CIP Terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport

When you apply for main package of CIP, the essential travel services including doing check in/ check out, welcoming and serving in the lounge, possibility of paying travel expenses, completing passport and security check processes, and transportation of passengers by dedicated vehicles to the airplane stairs and vice versa, will be available to you in a calm and unique atmosphere. However, if you need more services, please feel free to contact us, we would be grateful to assist.

The Attendances

Many families like to accompany their passengers to the airport or even about the flight time. It is also possible for the families to use the CIP lounge services. Just tell us the number of your attendances in the online booking process or in person.


Transportation from home to the airport and from the airport to the desired destinations of passengers, is one of the main concerns of our passengers, and for this reason, we have tried to resolve this concern in the best possible way. You probably have too much/large/heavy luggage that you think would not fit in any car. At the right time, the drivers of our company cars, all of which are Volvo XC60, will pick you up. Also, in case of many passengers or large luggage, our Maxus vans will do the transportation. Exact tests are taken by all drivers to ensure their capabilities and competence in driving, so you will have a safe trip to Imam Khomeini International Airport. You can request this service in online booking form.

Receiving visa at Imam Khomeini International Airport

Many foreign guests ask to receive their visa at Imam Khomeini International Airport. Upon request, we do administrative processes of receiving visa for foreign guests.

Suites, Conference Hall, VIP Meeting Room

There are 8 suites on the second floor of the CIP lounge. Many passengers of departure flights prefer not to go to the airport at midnight, so they come to the CIP lounge during the day, as well as many of the guests arriving at midnight at Imam Khomeini International Airport and they should go to a meeting in the morning, and therefore they like to use residential service at the airport. CIP suites are designed and built for this purpose. Our guests can use these suites for 6, 12 and 24-hour time periods. It is also possible for our travelers to use the conference hall and VIP meeting rooms. Just request this services when booking.

Elderly or People with Physical Disabilities

Some of our guests are elderly or people with physical disabilities. Just ask for a wheelchair when booking. Our staff will accompany you. We also ask for lifters that help these people enter the airplane without using staircase.


Some of our guests have pets and like to travel with their loved ones on long trips. In the arrival flights, our colleagues will deliver your pet and hand over them to the quarantine animal's section. Then, at the specified time, the animal will be delivered to you along with your luggage. In departure flights, the pet is delivered by our colleagues and its administrative procedures are carried out by the CIP team and then delivered to the airplane officials. It should be noted that travelers who are interested in being with their pet in the airplane cabin, should keep them inside the cage. Also, to complete all these steps, a pet health sheet is required.

Parking Lot

You may want to take your own car to the airport. We have enough parking spaces to park your car while traveling. Do not worry about your cars during the trip, we care for them.