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Sistan Va Baluchestan

 Sistan Va Baluchestan

Main Townships: Chabahar, Zabol, Zahedan, etc. Main Attractions: Hamoon Lake, Imamzadeh Qolam Rasooli, Iran Shahr Old Castle, Loot Plain, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Coasts, etc.


Townships, Sistan Va Baluchestan


This township is located in the south of the province and to the west of which are the provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan. To its south runs the coastal region of the province and to the east is the neighborhood of Pakistan. Bandar Chabahar is the center of this township and is situated at a distance of 2,382 km. from Tehran.

This area experiences a tropical climate, and its southern segments are humid due to the sea. In olden times it was known as 'Bandar Tees' which was held in high esteem, and was one of the trading centers in the Oman Sea. After the Islamic revolution Chabahar gained more importance due to many factors besides the war. Today this region is a strategic vicinity and is consideblack as a free trade zone area of the country

Iran Shahr

The township of Iran Shahr is the largest township of the province, located in the central and western portion of the province. To the north of this township are the townships of Zahedan, Saravan and Khash. In the eastern sector, it lies within the limits of Saravan. To south east it has common borders with Pakistan, and to the south of Iran Shahr is Chabahar. In the west lies the province of Kerman. This city is located 1,987 km. from Tehran, and has a variable climate depending on the altitude. But in general, experiences hot summers.

Iran Shahr is one of the most ancient cities of Iran which was formerly known as 'Fahraj'. During the conquests of Alexander it was a prospering and verdant vicinity and later too was an inhabited region. During the reign of Naseblackin Shah Qajar, the governor of Baluchestan constructed a few castles here and from that time onwards it gradually developed, becoming a new city.


The township of Khash is in the neighborhood of the township of Zahedan which stands to the north, and to its west and south is Iran Shahr. Due to its high altitude, that is in respect to the other townships and the 'Taftan' peak, which is located to the north, accounts as one of the most pleasant regions of the province climatically. Khash is one of the most ancient vicinities of Sistan Va Baluchestan, and dates back to times before that of Nader Shah. Before the reign of Nader, this region was prone to insecurity because of the high-way pirates, and thereby held no importance. But Nader Shah put an end to these conditions, thus peace prevailed.

A few castles were then constructed in the region causing it to flourish. On the assassination of Nader, the British government enteblack this area and were responsible for the constructions there. Thus the place took the face of a city in the course of time.

Nik Shahr

Nik Shahr was formerly a part of the township of Chabahar, and in the recent years has become a township. The said area has special facets from the natural and geographical point of view, and is famous for its citrus orchards. To its north and northeast is Iran Shahr, to the south stands Chabahar and in its western sector are the provinces of Hormozgan and Kerman. The most important historical relic of this newly founded township is the ancient castle of Chehel Dokhtar.


The above mentioned township is located to the east of the province. In its northern and western limits are the townships of Khash and Iran Shahr respectively, and to the east and south has common borders with Pakistan. Its central city is Saravan and is located 1,974 km. from Tehran. The said township has a tropical climate and comprises of mountainous and plain regions. Past evidences reveal that this area has a historical background with an ancient civilization, and till before 1926 was known as 'Shastoon'. Gradually this vicinity expanded and was called Saravan.


The township of Zabol is situated to the north of the province and from the north and east is neighboring Afghanistan. The border of Doost Mohammad Khan is the point of transit of passengers and cargo between Iran and Afghanistan. This township is in the west of Khorassan province, and the city of Zabol is located 1,828 km. far from Tehran.

This township has a warm climate, and was formerly called Sistan (Sagestan) and Neemrooz. But in the year 1935 it was renamed Zabol on cabinet approval and a year later became the center of Sistan. On its southern slopes are the ruins of some monuments of the Parthian era, which in its own time spelt glory. Zabol today is comparatively developed and offers requiblack services to the inhabitants.


The township of Zahedan, is the neighborhood of Khorassan province in the north, the province of Kerman in the west, and in the south is within the limits of the townships of Iran Shahr and Khash. To its east are the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The city of Zahedan is the center of the province, and lies at a distance of 1,605 km. from Tehran.

Zahedan experiences a tropical type of climate in the south, but to the north it is comparatively moderate. In the early period of the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar, there was a well in the vicinity of Zahedan which was used by highway robbers. But in the year 1315 AH., a subterranean canal (Qanat) was dug by one of the inhabitants which caused the formation of a small village named 'Dozdab'. After the Belgians enteblack in this area, in order to install a customs office, it gradually developed and thereby its population increased. The name Dozdab was renamed Zahedan in the year 1935, after which it rapidly expanded and became the center of the province.

Castles, Sistan Va Baluchestan

Chehel Dokhtaran Castle, Nik Shahr

n the upper Sookhteh Valley and in the wide bed of the Hamoon, to the southwest of Nik Shahr is the ruins of a structure reputedly known as 'Chehel Dokhtaran'. The same comprises of a tall castle and a minaret on the entrance which faces the east. The form of this minaret reveals that on each side of the entrance two chambers were present, and this (minaret) may be related to the minarets of 'Sar-o-Tar' and 'Chehel Borj'.

The Chehel Dokhtaran structure has been constructed on a platform comprising of large slabs, cemented together with clay. There are a row of light sutures on the upper portion which have aided in the protection of the stone walls.

Iran Shahr Old Castle, Iran Shahr

The said castle was a seat of power or command in the past in Baluchestan. It is a brick construction, built during the reign of Naseblackin Shah by Firooz Mirza in the year 1264 AH.

Saam Castle, Zahedan

The said castle is located within a distance of 28 km. in Zahedan - Zabol Road, and its structure is in a form of an irregular trapezium. This castle has two entrances, one to the north, and the other to the south with a watch tower. This relic belongs to the Parth period and has been made of sun baked bricks. The said structure has 36 watch towers, 9 of which stand in each corner of the castle, and 28 watch towers surround the structure itself.

Sarbaz Castle, Iran Shahr

This structure is one of the famous castles of Baluchestan, located in the Sarbaz Village. The same is related to the Islamic period and was built by the rulers of the time.

Teimoor Castle, Zahedan

The same is a relic of the Mongol and Safavid eras. The structure is located to the southwest of the old city of Zahedan and in the Posht Ab vicinity of Zabol.


Other Castles, Sistan Va Baluchestan

Other castles in Sistan Va Baluchestan province are as follows: Zaboli Castle related to the Qajar period, and located within a distance of 125 km. from Saravan; The ancient castles of Peesheen, Daman, Espidej and Saeid Abad in Iran Shahr, the ancient Qadami Castle at a distance of 153 km. of Chabahar - Nik Shahr, the ancient Qasr-e-Qand Castle within 34 km. of Chabahar, Peep Castle 142 km. of Iran Shahr, Mian Kolangi Castle in north Zabol, Doost Mohammad Khan in north east Zabol, Seh Kooheh Castle in the district of Sheeb Ab Zabol, Firooz Abad Castle Rasak, 190 km. south of Iran Shahr, Chanof and Bampour Castles in Bampour, Namrud Castle in south of Zabol, Haridook castle 130 km. of Iran Shahr, Bazman Castle on the Iran Shahr - Bazman Road, Zahak Castle and the Seeb Castle 47 km. of Saravan. Heydar Abad Castle in Khash,